Griggs County Central School
Griggs County Central High School
Public School District #18
1207 Foster Ave NE
Cooperstown, ND 58425
(701) 797-3114

The Griggs County Community welcomes you to our school! It is a place for learning and growing for children and adults. It is a focal point for our greater Griggs County Community and is a place where we are at work "creating responsible adults from the only known substance possible- our children.

Griggs County Central School District #18 is composed of approximately 430 square miles, encompassing the cities of Cooperstown, Hannaford and surrounding rural areas. The population of the area is about 1800 people, including the current school age population of 350 students.

Griggs County Central School - Playground

The patrons of the Griggs County Central School District approved a $2.8 million dollar building addition, which was added unto the existing High School in October of 2003. In August of 2004 we moved into our new educational facility. The addition contains elementary classrooms, a multi-media center, a multi-purpose room with locker rooms, and a new commercial kitchen for student and community use. All of our K-12 students are educated in one building located in Cooperstown.

Highlights in the curriculm for K-12 students are as follows: A strong academic base for all elementary students, including emphasis on phonics. We are using a new series in math, language arts, and social studies. We offer a broad spectrum of semester courses, such as two foreign languages, art, family consumer science, technology education, keyboarding, and finally a solid high school curriculum with over 70 semester units offered in a wide variety of academic areas.

Griggs County Central School - Playground

The effective student - teacher ratio is about 18:1 with certified teachers. The school's graduation rate stands at 97%, with a majority of students going on to post secondary training and education. ACT scores for seniors have been above the state average. Students in both the elementary and high school levels have numerous opportunities to participate in extracurricular athletic and other after - school activities. These include: basketball, football, volleyball, track, baseball, cheerleading, golf, tennis, cross-country, speech, drama, band, choir, FBLA, FCCLA, National Honor Society and yearbook. Many of the activities have multiple levels of participation, beginning in the 5th grade level. Students requiring special intervention for learning difficulities have services available through our affiliation with the Griggs -Steele - Trail Multi-District Special Education Unit. Staff and students have access to high speed Internet connections and library research, available through approximately 85 computers located thoughout the buildings.

The school also provides a breakfast program and a hot lunch program serving an average of 400 meals per day. The school buildings also serve as a community center for adult activities, including use of gymnasium for meetings and physical fitness training, computer labs and library for research.

We can supply answers about or school and its many great opportunities for children. We can provide directions for open enrollment procedures, community housing opportunities, shopping and employment possibilities. Call the school for an appointment at 707-797-3114. We are proud of our school and community.

Griggs County Central School is proud to be part of the 21st Century Community Learning Centers.

21st Century Learning Center
21st Century Learning Center
Cooperstown, ND 58425
21st Century Learning Center helps provide additional educational resources for the community. This office helps to corridinate the adult education classes offered in the surrounding communities.
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PO Box 100
Cooperstown, ND 58425
For more information: Contact Stacey Aarestad, Coordinator at CCAA Office 701-797-3530.
fax: 701-797-3531

Cooperstown is proud to be recipient of the AmeriCorps grant sponsored by the Corporation for National and Community Service. Since 1999, about 100 people in the Cooperstown area have served over as AmeriCorps members.

What is AmeriCorps?

AmeriCorps is a national service program made up of Americans from all walks of life, who commit to one year of service to their community. These members can serve in areas such as education, health, safety, and environment. Members receive a living allowance while serving and an education award when their term is complete.

AmeriCorps Members in Cooperstown:

AmeriCorps members have served in various positions in our area including senior activities, after-school program aides, and tutoring. Members are trained not only in their site-specific position but also in other areas such as citizenship and personal development. As part of their year of service these members gain valuable knowledge to help them be better and more effective citizens.

There are six sites in the Cooperstown area utilizing AmeriCorps members as aides in their After-School Programs including Griggs County Central, Finley-Sharon, Hope-Page, North Central of Barnes, Midkota, and Carrington. These aides volunteer between 8-10 hours per week offering assistance such as homework help and activities supervisor. They are helping to provide a safe place for kids to go after school and hopefully making a difference in the lives of the children they serve. If you are interested in learning more about AmeriCorps Program please call the CCAA Office at 701-797-3530.