1st Presbyterian Church
1003 Burrell Avenue
Cooperstown, ND 58425
In 1923 the Methodist and Congregational Churches of Cooperstown decided to merge. In order that no loyalties would be insulted they decided to become a third denomination, Presbyterian. This new denomination had 2 church buildings. Services were held in the Congregational church, located on the SW corner of the intersection of Lenham and 11th street (currently the Wade Faul residence site), until 1939 when it was sold to the Roman Catholics. At that time the Presbyterians moved to the Methodist Church, which had been used as a recreation hall. This building was originally a Norwegian Dane Methodist Episcopal church built in 1885 on Gethsemane Hill. According to the Sentinel Courier it was "run" down the hill to its present location. 1st Presbyterian is part of Tri-County Ministry, an ecumenical effort, which is a model for rural ministry that has had national attention as an answer for declining numbers of clergy.