The plans to create a prairie garden to honor our ancestors who came here to take land and live were conceived by Kathryn Vigessa Lipke and Gretchen Baird Kotke in the fall of 1999. In 2000, the GK Art Gallery partnered with North Dakota Museum of Art and commissioned the work to be done by artists Kathryn Lipke, Leena Ikonen and Ines Diederich. The installation began in May 2000 on the grounds of the Griggs County Courthouse and was dedicated two weeks later. The garden is full of indigenous  plants while rocks were brought in from around the county with excellent and patient help of the late Kenny Knudson and crew. The sculpture, from a tree on the land of Everett Vigessa, represents a seed pod.

    The garden was sponsored in part by the GK Art Gallery, the North Dakota Museum of Art, Cooperstown Municipal Association, Right-A-Away Applicators,  Griigs County Council on the Arts, Volden Farm, ND Council on the Arts and many individual contributors. Many also donated labor and equipment to create our beautiful garden. The garden belongs  to everyone....bring your lunch and enjoy.