St. George Catholic Church
Box 217
Cooperstown, ND 58425
Lead Pastor: Father Dale Kinzler
The Catholic communities of Cooperstown, Jessie, Aneta and Finley challenge the common mystique of the emerging twenty-first century with the truth and values of revelation, of both old and new testaments, and the living word of God in Jesus Christ directed by the Holy Spirit through 2000 years of the history of saints and sinners after Jesus’ resurrection. We firmly believe that truth does not lie within the confines of the human mind, heart, and personality but is a gift revealed under God’s terms and not humankind’s. We strive to live the gospel, not under anyone’s personal terms, but through the teachings of Christ, the Lord of time and timelessness. In this we are guided by the representative of Christ on earth: the Holy Father and the Bishops in communion with him.