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Meet our City Council & Employees

The City of Cooperstown is governed by a six person elected council led by the mayor. The Council oversees various boards and employees, including the Planning and Zoning Board.  The City Council meets the first Monday of each month at the City Hall, 611 9th St NE, at 7:00 pm. The meetings are open to the public.

City Council:

  • Paul Paintner, Mayor
  • Steve Perry, President
    (Finance, Streets & Alleys)
  • Charles (Chip) DeHoff, Council Member
    (Safety, Water & Sewer)
  • Deb Eslinger, Council Member
    (Ambulance, Personnel)
  • Allen Gruman, Council Member
    (Refuse & Inert, Renaissance Zone)
  • Larry Olson, Council Member
    (Waterboard, Planning & Zoning)
  • Seth Hanson, Council Member
    (Forestry, Parks)


City Employees:

  • Christine Olson, City Auditor
  • Naomi Trostad, Deputy Auditor
  • David Ludwig, Public Works Supervisor
  • Tim Varberg, Public Works
  • Daniel Griggs, Public Works
  • Bennett Michaelis, Landfill Attendant
  • Christine Olson, City Forester
  • Travis Peterson, City Attorney